How to bake a farm egg

by Heather

This is my favorite way to prepare a farm egg … I buy half a dozen every Saturday, and six days a week, have one for breakfast.

Why a farm egg? Well first, it’s awfully good to know for sure that my eggs are from happy chickens and ducks. I see them, with their chicks and ducklings following along behind, every time I visit the urban farm where the eggs are laid. Apparently they all have names, because one Saturday the hunt was on for Puff the duck, who’d gone missing.

But also, of course, because farm eggs taste great–rich, flavorful, fresh. The organic eggs from the gourmet grocery store that I used to eat cannot compare. Now, if I can’t get farm eggs, I don’t eat any.

One of my collections is vintage Chateau Buffet, including about 10 individual handled casseroles that are just about perfect for an individual serving of anything. Glazed toasty brown on the outside; rich duck egg blue on the inside. I line one of these with a thin slice of uncured honey ham. Then a couple of small slices of mature white cheddar. Next the farm egg.

It’s better by far not to break the yolk, but the shells’ thickness varies, making it a delicate operation. These are not a factory product.

Into the oven at 315° for 20 minutes (no preheating needed), then check the white for doneness. A steaming cup of green tea, fresh fruit … a sprinkle of fleur de sel on the yolk.

Ah … all is right with my world.