How not to worry

by Heather

How indeed. I would love to be told.

It’s the lovely four-day Thanksgiving weekend I’ve so been looking forward to, and I am worrying about work.

It seems I’ve found a way to worry even in my sleep, because when I return to consciousness, that’s exactly what I remember doing. Clearly I am not an amateur.

What to do, what to do …

  1. Release the worry, just like releasing thoughts during meditation. When I become aware of it, I let it go–like cutting the string on a helium balloon and letting it float away.
  2. Use breathwork to release the worry. Some years ago I remember reading that your guides will bring things to the surface of your consciousness so you can release them. This seemed like it could be true for me as there certainly was plenty to release at the surface of my consciousness, but release it how?! I put the question out there. The answer came in the form of a weekend breathwork workshop. The technique I use involves taking a deep, a very deep breath, using your diaphragm, filling every corner and cavity of your body with breath. (You’ll want to make sure you’ve discarded any shapewear or anything with an underwire or boning beforehand!) Then let the breath out all at once, preferably while intending to release what’s bothering you, even if you can’t otherwise name it. For example, on the in breath you could think or say, I receive love. On the out breath you could think or say, I release all fear (or all worry … and it probably comes down to the same thing). When your out breath sounds like something that’s been dammed up, you know you really need to be doing this. When it calms, you know you’ve released something that wasn’t serving you.
  3. Release attachment to a particular outcome. My intention is to trust that if I show up and do the right thing, the results will take care of themselves. I know that there are many possible positive resolutions to this situation (and the same is probably true for yours).
  4. Do something that engages you. Unfortunately it’s really too cold to garden today–that’s one of the very best and immediate ways for me to drop out of clock time and into the flow. Writing is another good way.

I suppose that in taking step 4, I’ve written just what I needed to read today. I post it here in the hope it’s of help to you too.