A card for Madiba

by Heather


I just could not depict him as frail. To me, he is a lion. … When the [Harlem Boys’ Choir] came out, he sat up in his chair and just sort of puffed up, and glowed. That’s when I took that amazing shot that I was so grateful for. It showed his vision and strength and love. –photographer Jane Feldman, speaking of the primary photo I used in my card above

As I wrote in an earlier post, I’ve recently become aware of the need for more forgiveness in my life. To provide a focal point for my intention to create it, I decided to make a SoulCollage card to represent Forgiveness.

As I searched in vain for images that might help me represent this very abstract concept, I remembered the wonderful image of Nelson Mandela (whose tribal name was Madiba) I’d saved from a recent Yes! magazine. What could be more perfect than a man who personified forgiveness?