Time to go … or is it?

Time to go

Lately I’ve been feeling tremendous willingness for change in one area of my life–namely my work situation. I made this SoulCollage card this past week as a subtle hint to the Universe … it’s called ‘Time to go.’ When I read the card, though, its message was a little different …

The owl says:

I am one who is wise. I am one who is above it all–above the fray. I will watch over you–I will be with you. You are capable of loving even while all this is going on.

The woman says:

I am one who sees clearly. I am one who is preternaturally calm–like you.

The card says:

What I have to say to you about your current situation is: Be patient. The time is not yet. Good things are coming, but they are not here yet.

Time is of the essence, and also truly irrelevant.

There is more work to be done. You are a witness–an important one. A protector of the weak and helpless. You are not helpless–and therefore you are important.