The unfolding of consciousness

by Heather


“What are we doing here?” is a question that gets a lot of play. It’s a good question to ask. I believe there is a reason we’re here, and it’s not blind chance, cruel fate, or punishment for failing to be enlightened yet.

If pressed, I’d say that I’m here to learn, to grow, to become a better person. I’m here for the advanced education of my soul. I’ve read comparisons to working toward a master’s degree–that sounds about right. A PhD, post-doc, fellowships … all of that is a ways off, hopefully still in the future.

But when I read this explanation from Rabbi Rami Shapiro recently, I was struck by it, and found it really beautiful.

Life is intrinsically meaningful and purposeful … We humans are integral to the unfolding of consciousness (at least in our solar system), and … the unfolding of consciousness (nonpersonal, prepersonal, personal, transpersonal, and cosmic) is, from our perspective, what the universe is all about.

If you’ve watched buds unfurl, in your garden or in the wild, then you know that they do so sometimes slowly, sometimes seemingly in the blink of an eye, but with all the inexorable force of nature. Only a killing frost can stop a bud in its tracks. And even then, if the plant or shrub or tree survives, it puts out more buds, absolutely determined to leaf and flower, and they open.

So it is with us, as we open to the light. As we unfurl consciousness in the universe, we are unstoppable.

This post is illustrated by the SoulCollage card I made today to represent this concept, Unfolding of consciousness.