The liminal stage

by Heather


Life, if you’re doing it right, is full of endings and beginnings–little deaths and births. There’s no point in clinging to what is moribund, to my mind. Which means that moving forward is the only real option. The alternative is being stuck, like Winnie the Pooh.

Yesterday, as part of the Hay House World Summit, I listened to Joan Borysenko’s talk on resilience. She spoke about how, almost continually in our lives, an old self or identity has died, and we find ourselves in a liminal stage–the threshold between the old and the new. The old self is gone, and the new self is not yet born. She said that the resilient not only survive these challenges and transitions, but come out on the other side deeper and richer for the experience. I believe that … I’ve certainly experienced it many times before, and I’m sure this time will be no different.

As of January, and perhaps really as of November, I am definitely in such a phase. Thus the SoulCollage card I made today represents this death and rebirth cycle … and all the uncertainty, discomfort, potential, and beauty of the liminal stage. I know it well.

What about you … do you have an identity or aspect of yourself that is no more? Is there one thing you can do today to move the process of reinvention, of birthing your new self, forward?

This post is illustrated with my SoulCollage card Becoming + The liminal stage. Card images are from W, Harper’s Bazaar, O Magazine, Martha Stewart Living, and a Van Cleef & Arpels ad.