by Heather


“Listen” has been a recurring theme for me during meditation for probably the past couple of weeks now.

Listen … all is well. Listen … important. It’s important that you hear what we have to say–we can help you.

Listen–you will hear. Guidance, truth. Much you already know yourself.

Listen–that is the theme. Listen to guidance.

So today I thought I’d make a SoulCollage card to represent this theme.

I found it interesting, when I started looking for images for the card, that I couldn’t find any of people who were clearly listening. Now maybe that’s because our ears aren’t that mobile. Or maybe it’s because we’ve organized the world in such a way that our survival rarely depends on our listening skills.

In the wild, animals’ ability to survive depends on their ability to use their senses effectively–and listening is among the most important.

While we may be able to survive while barely listening, I do believe that the ability to listen well is key to our being able to thrive.

Today,  I am listening.