Ready for change

by Heather


This past week I have been positively itching for change.

Maybe you’ve been there. As this new year gets underway, perhaps you’re there right now.

I’m fully aware that I need to move on in certain areas of my life and I’m very ready to do so. I’m definitely conscious of a mismatch in the way things currently are.

Sometimes in the past when I’ve felt this way, conscious of being in the wrong place, I’ve tamped down those feelings in an effort to “make it work.” (Just for the record, that approach has yet to be successful for me. It has only ever delayed the inevitable.) This week, I found myself utterly unwilling to do that. I’m not interested in trying to achieve a one-sided compromise. I don’t want to make myself small so I can try to squeeze into someone else’s idea of what I should be. I found myself simply not up for any of that.

Which is, of course, both utterly healthy, and discomfiting at the same time.

I have set processes in motion, and I’ve seen signs of progress … but I need further cooperation and participation from others in order to fully effect the changes I want and need. And I can’t help but notice that Mercury is currently retrograde, which often seems to slow and tangle communication of all sorts. But it also offers an opportunity to create a clear vision for the future. I am clear about what I do and do not want.

Today I’m reminding myself that change is inevitable. Change is happening in every moment, and cannot be stopped–it is inexorable, unavoidable. Change has the momentum of the entire Universe behind it. It will happen.

And so I await signs of further progress, reminding myself of the beautiful inevitability of change.

This post is illustrated by my SoulCollage card Contrast.

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