How to release unhelpful cell memories

by Heather

I went looking for this post tonight because I needed the instructions … this time, I identified the emotion hanging out in my shoulder as ‘fear.’ Since it seems many of us are releasing things from our lives right now, making way for the new, I thought this might be useful to you. I hope it is!

About what matters

hand energy

Tonight my neck and right shoulder are feeling remarkably relaxed–and I want to tell you why!

There is a medical “reason” for the trouble I often have in this area of my body. At the same time, I’ve been aware for many years that I “store stress” in my neck and shoulder area. I now have a new understanding of what that means.

Yesterday I participated in a guided meditation with a group where we were instructed to scan our bodies head to toe, and stop where we felt pain, tightness, or tension.

I wasn’t in any pain, but neither was I surprised to find some tightness in my neck and shoulder area.

We were then asked to name the emotion present in this area. Immediately “resentment” popped into my head. How very interesting! I’d never thought of it quite that way before, but there it was. The truth.

We were then…

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