New born


We kiss, and love takes flight …

We are vulnerable, as though we were just born–

yet we are wise.

There are many layers to what we will experience together–

all is not yet revealed.

At moments, we feel like fish out of water,

But often also free and joyful,

Ready to burst into song.

We are young–

even if we’re not–

because this is the beginning.

We’re springing up, blooming–

creating beauty and grace.

Those who’ve read this blog for awhile may notice that this is the first original poem I’ve ever posted. I wrote it last month at the SoulCollage gathering I attended. The exercise was to briefly read 15 cards (since I forgot my deck, I borrowed 14 of the Facilitator’s cards, and used the one I’d just made), and weave the resulting snippets into a poem. I was surprised to find that the first card I drew (seemingly at random) was made from an image on the cover of one of the magazines I’d brought with me to share the last time I attended the gathering. The first line of my poem comes from this card, and the last from the new card I made that day. Since I of course returned the cards when I finished, I wanted to make a card with a similar theme as the poem to have in my deck. The card you see is the result … I made it yesterday when I got together with a couple of other SoulCollagers. (Thanks for the image of the lambs, Kathy!)

Since this post has been linked from the SoulCollage Facebook page (thanks, Sue!), just wanted to add the additional detail that the exercise we did was First Impressions–A Free Flowing SoulCollage Reading created by Barb Horn. Stephanie Warfield facilitated the Open Studio and lent me her cards (thanks, Stephanie).