The sweet spot

by Heather


Happiness, not in another place, but this place … not for another hour, but this hour … –Walt Whitman

When I thought at the beginning of this month about my wishes and intentions for this new year, I realized that they really all boiled down to joy. This is the SoulCollage card I made to anchor that intention.

I believe that joy isn’t really in what happens to me, in what I have, or in what I do, but rather in my approach to life just as it is.

Joyful, meaningful, and memorable encounters–whether with people, animals, nature, architecture, or what have you–seem to happen almost unpredictably and in the most random places. I think they’re waiting for me everywhere like hidden Easter eggs, if only I’m willing to open my eyes and see them.

This card represents my willingness to be pleased by life. To toss out my label maker with its steady stream of ‘good’ and ‘bad,’ instead simply looking for the joy in whatever my circumstances may be.

I know from experience that wonderful things can happen everywhere–at the gas station. At the grocery store. While retrieving my mail. The possibilities are limitless because love is everywhere, and there is nowhere love is not.

If I’m open to the possibilities, joy will come running. That is my intention for this year.