An amazing creator of contrast

by Heather


Contrast is the basis of expansion.

This is a contrasting moment, but more important, this is a defining moment.

… I am clearer now about who I am and what I am wanting.


You know how some people light the way? I’ve been noticing that there are also those who “dark the way.” They are what I’ve been calling this week amazing creators of contrast. I have one in my life right now, and perhaps you do too.

If you’re not familiar with contrast, it’s an Abraham-Hicks term that means a blast of what you don’t want that you can leverage to recognize more clearly–much more clearly!–what you really do want.

Useful, right?

Contrast might be something agreed on as being negative by many people, or it might simply be something that many people do prefer, but you do not. For example, someone spitting in your face would be agreed on as contrast by nearly everyone. A sizzling steak would be greeted with pleasure by many, but would be considered contrast by many others. Contrast is the key to discovering your own personal preferences, whatever they may be.

Contrast can arise anywhere, from anything, but there are people who delight in creating contrast for others. (Of course, this is rather bad karma.) It’s the amazing creators of contrast of this world who undertake the genuine service of strongly inspiring us to demand something better from life, right now!

I have felt supremely motivated this past week (thanks to my amazing creator of contrast) to create the changes I need in my life. I could easily have gotten angry about the contrast I experienced; I could easily have complained. But I  was able to appreciate the clarity of the defining moment. I chose to channel my feelings about the contrasting experience directly into fuel for taking action to create more of what I want, and less of what I don’t want. (I was thrilled that I was able to respond this way, and attributed it directly to the grounding work I’ve been doing recently.)

I complain considerably less now than I did when I was younger, thanks to finally realizing that negativity begets negativity, but my experiences this week led me to wonder whether any amount of complaining may be too much. I’m beginning to suspect that complaining, even just mentioning dissatisfaction to a confidante, has burned off considerable energy that I could have been using to turbocharge the creation of the change I need.

I’m sure you’ve heard these popular sayings …

Don’t get mad, get even.

Living well is the best revenge.

–Folk wisdom

One interpretation of these sayings would be to take the energy, the rocket fuel, you could use to get mad, and instead use it to power the creation of the life you really want.

That is exactly what I intend to do.

What about you … have you experienced any contrast lately? Is there any change you’d like to bring about in your life that would allow you to experience something different, something you do want? Can you use the contrast in your life to fuel that change?

This post is illustrated with the SoulCollage card I made today, Contrast.

You may enjoy this brief Abraham-Hicks recording about contrast: